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1. How often do I water my plant and where will it grow best?  

This will depend on the species of MYPLANT which you have purchased. Look under the heading ‘MY Plant Range’ above, and then click on the plant you have bought or received as a present, for further information on caring for your particular MYPLANT.

2. How large will my plant grow?

Most of the MYPLANT range of plants will grow to between 25cm and 50cm high. Some of these will grow up to become 80cm to 100cm in height, if the plant is well looked after.

3. Are Plants are good for people?

Nature is good for mankind. It is important for our wellbeing to have plants and flowers around in the places where we live and work. Extended psychological research suggests that a natural environment decreases the amount of stress we sense, and increases our fitness and wellbeing. The presence of the green of plants makes us healthier, happier and more relaxed.

4. Do Green plants clean the air?

In many work surroundings, and even in your house, the air holds harmful materials that can damage our health. Plants take in the air, absorb dangerous molecules and break them down through their root systems. Plants also clean the air we breathe and fill it with oxygen.



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