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World Class plant information and hunting right from the comfort of your own home.

FitzGerald Nurseries

Producers of the MyPlant range and many other useful and attractive plants for your garden patio or balcony. The nursery sell its young plants worldwide to 15 countries.


Plantipp introduce new plants to Europe from breeders worldwide and are constantly searching for new and innovative plants for your garden. See these exciting plants on their website and see them in your local garden centre.

Anthony Tesselaar Plants

Anthony Tesselaar introduced the world famous Flower Carpet Roses and almost 20 years later they are still amongs the most popular roses in the world.  You can see the many other exciting plants in the Tesselaar range on this website.

Raymond Evison Clematis

The worlds most outstanding range of Clematis for small gardens. Raymond Evison is one of the most accomplished plant breeders in the horticulture industry.

Royal Horticultural Society

The most respected and authoratitive gardening organisation in the world bar none, get lots of valuable tips and information. If you are a keen or aspiring gardener check out joining this fantastic organisation today! Its fantastic value and keeps you up to date with all thats happening in the horticultural world.

Irish Gardening Forum

An Irish website which is as it says on the tin, for Irish gardeners and is a great resource for gardeners in Ireland.  Our climate is quite different to the rest of Europe so therefore this website is of great importance for sharing of information on what works in the Irish garden and of course what doesnt or even more importantly how can we make a great plant work for us.

BBC Gardening

Another great way to keep up to date in the gardening world.

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