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Variegated Japanese Aralia

Fatsia japonica ‘Variegata’

Variegated Japanese Aralia
atsia japonica ‘Variegata’ is a stunning architectural plant to have in your garden or large patio container.  Slow growing and low maintenance Variegated Japanese Aralia is the perfect choice to lighten up a shaded spot in your garden. This Fatsia’s large cream and green leaves supported on thick stems give an all year round tropical look to this exotic popular feature plant.
Leaf: Large palmate shaped leaves in cream and green colour
Size: 3.0m H x 1.5m S/Open clump forming
Flower: White in late summer
Perferred Location: Garden Border/Patio Container
Water & Nutrition: Use normal slow release fertilizer such as Scotts, but ensure reduced feeding in late summer and autumn so that foliage becomes hard coming into winter
Likes: Shade and moist garden soil
Dislikes: Dry and sandy soil and temperatures below -5°C
Presentation Ideas: Plant in large colourful containers or in garden borders in conjunction with plants such as Libertia ‘Sundown’, Ophiopogon ‘Nigrascens’ or other evergreen plants such as Liriope muscari ‘Moneymaker’ that compliment the bold foliage of Fatsia
Grown In: Ireland

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