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New Zealand Flax

Phormium cookianum ‘Black Adder’ PBR

New Zealand Flax
hormium cookianum ‘Black Adder’, discovered in Ireland at FitzGerald Nurseries is a very striking and adaptable plant in large containers or in the garden. ‘Black Adder’ will grow happily even on exposed sites and coastal areas without losing its appeal it is also tolerant of  many soil types from heavy to light sandy. The clump forming growth habit with pendulous tipped leaves makes Phormium cookianum ‘Black Adder’ an ideal feature plant for the garden or patio position.   
Leaf: Pendoulous tipped leaves in stunning black colour
Size: 1.5m H x 1.0m S/Clump forming
Perferred Location: Garden border/Patio container
Water & Nutrition:
Likes: Full sun and moist fertile garden soil
Dislikes: Temperatures below -7°C
Presentation Ideas:
Grown In: Ireland

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