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Angelís Fishing Rod

Dierama ĎGuinevereí

Angelís Fishing Rod
ierama ‘Guinevere’ or more commonly known as Angel’s fishing rod  is a perennial with clusters of pure white flowers along the arching flower stem in summer. It is an elegant feature plant that prefers a sunny sheltered position in the garden. This plant prefers to grow undisturbed, but Dierama ‘Guinivere’ can also be planted in containers on the patio provided it is kept moist at all times. It is ideal for flower arranging and its graceful seed heads provide year round attraction.
Leaf: Green, pointed, grass-like leaves
Size: 1.0m H x 0.7m S/Open clump forming
Flower: Pure white flowers on long pendulous stems in mid to late summer
Perferred Location: Garden border
Water & Nutrition: Dierama generally do not need a lot of feed so depending on how rich your soil is just observe and if leaves are yellowing do not feed. An application of general fertilizer at low rates in spring is enough to keep the plants healthy all year. High potassium feed is recommended. Dierama is very drought tolerant and will only require watering in exceptionally dry summer conditions or after planting to ensure establishment. In containers Dierama will require more care to nutrition and watering
Likes: Full sun and rich free draining soils
Dislikes: Water logged soil and temperatures below -5°C
Presentation Ideas:

Plant near flowing water for effect of overhanging flowers and seed heads. Plant in large containers. After a few years plants can be subdivided as corms and repotted. Share spare corms with your friends and neighbours

Dierama ‘Guinevere’ will make an excellent large container specimen and provides both grassy effects in autumn and abundance of flowers in summer. Great value and fashionable plant!
Grown In: Ireland

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