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Canna Lily

Canna indica ‘Phaison’ TROPICANNA TM

Canna Lily
anna Tropicanna is tall and exotic in profile and unfurls each new exotic looking leaf with a show of burgundy stripes fanning off a chartreuse center vein.  Quickly the stripes evolve in coloration, changing from burgundy to red, pink, gold and deep green.  This multi-hued display results in a plant where every leaf is slightly different, combining differing shades and intensities of coloration.  When backlit by the sun, the leaves seem to shimmer with an iridescent quality.  In the ground, Canna Tropicanna will attain 1.00m to 1.2m in height the first year and up to 1.50m in subsequent years. For the winter let the leaves die back down and then mulch with up to 12 cm to protect from heavy frosts. If you are in an area with extended exposure to frost where the ground freezes to several centimeter, the rhizomes can be dug out and stored in a cool, dark and dry place over the winter and replanted the following spring when the risks of severe frosts is over. In a container, Canna Tropicanna will grow 0.90m tall or more. Canna Tropicanna which is also known by the botanical name Canna indica ‘Phasion' is a sport of Canna ‘Wyoming’.  It was discovered in South Africa by nurseryman Keith Kirsten. 
Leaf: large, exotic burgundy foliage with green, gold and pink striping
Size: 1.50m H x 0.5m S/Clump forming
Flower: bright orange flowers in summer
Perferred Location: Garden Border/Patio container/Water edges
Water & Nutrition: Feed in April with high potassium liquid feed and use Scotts slow release fertilizer as a base dressing for the rest of the year. Do not give too much nitrogen as it will encourage over growth of leaves at the expense of flowers

Full sun or partial shade in sheltered location, most soil types


Frozen soil and full wind exposure. Temperatures below 0°C

Presentation Ideas:

Plant in conjunction with evergreens of contrasting foliage such as Fatsia japonica ‘Variegata’, Libertia and other evergreen foliage plants

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