New Zealand Cabbage Tree


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New Zealand Cabbage Tree

Cordyline australis ‘Karo Kiri’

New Zealand Cabbage Tree
ordyline australis ‘Karo Kiri’ with its short spiky green leaves from the top to the bottom of the trunk is a most unusual looking variety of New Zealand Cabbage Tree . The architectural appearance of this extraordinary plant is ideally suited for your patio container or conservatory.  It is hardy and likes to grow in a sunny, but sheltered position. Now you can have a fully mature Cabbage Tree on your balcony or patio.
Leaf: Linear green leaves from top to bottom, striking feature
Size: 1.2m H x 0.4m S/Trunk forming
Perferred Location: Patio container/Conservatory
Water & Nutrition:
Likes: Full sun and free draining soil in a sheltered location
Dislikes: Water logged soil and temperatures below -7°C
Presentation Ideas:
Grown In: Ireland

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