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Pampas Grass

Cortaderia selloana 'Golden Goblin' PBR

Pampas Grass


ortaderia sellona ’Golden Goblin' is a mutation of the well known Cortaderia 'Pumila' with a more compact, upright growth habit and more freely flowering than its parent plant. Also 'Golden Goblin' has yellow and green variegated fine leaves. It is an excellent garden performer, low in maintenance and will provide year round interest in your garden. 


Green and yellow variegated linear leaves, decidous


Creamy white plumes from August to October, excellent for flower arranging as either fresh or dried

Perferred Location:

Seaside Garden/Garden border/Centre piece feature plant/Patio container

Water & Nutrition:

Most soil conditions


Water logged soil and temperatures below -10C

Presentation Ideas:
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