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Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica Blush Pink (‘Aka’) PBR

Heavenly Bamboo


andina domestica Blush Pink is a sport of the well know Nandina ‘Firepower’. The word aka meaning red in Japanese this variety name has been well chosen. This plant will provide a year round interest with its blush pink coloured new growth and its red autumn/winter colour. It continuously blushes from spring to autumn and the colour is unique and long lasting. The compact growth of Nandina Blush Pink makes this an ideal plant for mass planting as well as borders or patio containers.   


Long lasting pink new growth, green mature leaves and red autumn/winter colour  



Perferred Location:

Garden border/Patio container

Water & Nutrition:

Full sun or partial shade/Rich, well drained soils 


Water logged soil and temperatures below -18°C

Presentation Ideas:
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