African Lily


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African Lily

Agapanthus praecox ‘Snowstorm’ PBR

African Lily


gapanthus praecox ‘Snowstorm’ is the sister variety to Bluestrom and as floriferous as his big brother. It is producing numerous white flowers throughout the summer. Agapanthus ‘Snowstorm’ can be used the same way than Bluestorm either planted directly in the garden in milder areas and along the coast or it can be kept in a patio container in colder climates where the plants have to be overwintered in a  frost free, bright location. Agapanthus ‘Snowstorm is slightly slower to establish than Bluestorm. 


Narrow, green leaves 


Elegant white flowers from June – September, very floriferous

Perferred Location:

Garden border/Patio container

Water & Nutrition:

Full sun or partial shade, draught tolerant  


Water logged soil, shade or temperatures below -5°C

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