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Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica Obsessed (‘Seika’) PBR

Heavenly Bamboo


andina domestica Obsessed is a mutation of Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’ with a more intensive foliage colour on the new growths. Its deep red new leaves are retained during the active growing period and the mature leaves show a deep green colour. Nandina Obsessed is a slow growing, compact and evergreen shrub attractive throughout the year with its colourful foliage, flowers and autumn/winter coloration. It is ideal for confined garden spaces and patio containers.


Deep red and long lasting young foliage turning deep green on mature plants

Size: 0,5 m H x 0,5m S

Conical inflorescences with white flowers, no berries

Perferred Location:

Garden border/Patio container

Water & Nutrition:

Full sun or partial shade/Rich, well drained soils 


Water logged soil and temperatures below -20°C

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