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Scarlet Pineapple

Fascicularia bicolor

Scarlet Pineapple
asicularia bicolor is a highly colourful plant with an exotic appearance. It originates in Chile where mature plants produce metallic blue flowers. It will thrive in a sheltered sunny position growing in free draining soil. Fascicularia bicolor is an ideal plant for containers and its exotic tolerant foliage will give great value winter and summer giving the added bonus of Scarlet Pineapple like flowers in the autumn on mature plants. It may take a season after planting for the outstanding flwer and foliage colour to appear but its well worth waiting for.  The exotic pineapple like foliage looks great even when the plant is not in flower.

Silver green with red bracts at the centre of mature plants

Size: 0.5m H x 0.5m S/Open clump forming

Metallic blue

Perferred Location: Garden Border/Rockery/Patio Container
Water & Nutrition: Requires very little feeding, just one application per season of Scotts slow release fertilizer
Likes: Sheltered location in full sun to semi-shade and free draining soil.
Dislikes: Water logged soil and temperatures below -10°C
Presentation Ideas:

Scarlett Pineapple can be planted in groups in any free draining garden soil or as a single plant in rockeries or containers. It makes a fantastic container plant which can last many years and can be subdivided when it becomes too large for its container

Grown In: Ireland

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